Boat Rides Make People Feel Better

Therapeutic Sailing For Everyone

Our Mission

We create powerful opportunities for people to discover healing and potential through sailing adventures.

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Our Commitment

Dogsmile Adventures is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) therapeutic sailing program.  Our intention is to offer therapeutic sailing experiences to anyone in our community who’d like to participate. We are committed to changing lives through sailing.

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What is a Dogsmile?

“A Dogsmile is an expression of unadulterated happiness. You're so happy that you don't care about how you look or how you're seen or what anyone else thinks. It's the biggest grin possible. The more teeth, the better (this part is key as it scares away the haters and those who are simply unaware).”

- Jon Totten, Founder

Therapeutic Sailing for Everyone

You Have The Power to Change a Life