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The Dogsmile Impact

Boat rides make people feel better.

The numbers don't lie. Therapeutic sailing is making a difference in our community. Check out our impact since our inception in 2021.

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Who is this for? EVERYONE!

While our focus is on under-resourced communities, such as veterans, youth, and those facing the challenges associated with addiction, domestic violence, and physical or mental disabilities, our programs are open to anyone who believes that spending time on a sailboat will make them feel better.

We've seen the impact.

Why Sailing? Because it Works.

There’s really nothing like a boat on water.  Sailing experiences go way beyond the activity of sailing.  Participants will learn leadership, teamwork, and most importantly, resilience; which are skills that will serve them throughout their lives.  You can do it alone, or with others.  Sailing takes you places, literally and figuratively.  It exercises your body and your mind. It’s real.

The impact of our programs can last a lifetime. The engagement with the great outdoors partnered with the self discipline and interpersonal connection that happens out there has been proven to benefit mood and increase self esteem. We aren’t driven by numbers, we’re driven by impact.

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