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Get your hands on the lines and immerse yourself in the sailing experience with our experienced crew. We've got something for everyone. Join us!


Whether you’re a thousand miles away or right here in town, you can be directly involved in bringing life changing healing and growth to those in need. We can't do it without you.

Gift a Boat Ride

We all know someone who could use some time out on the water, but for whatever reason can't get out there on their own. This is your chance to do something about it.


Sailing experiences go way beyond the activity of sailing, our focus is on under-resourced communities, such as veterans, youth, and those facing the challenges associated with addiction, domestic violence, and physical or mental disabilities. Participants will learn leadership, teamwork, and most importantly, resilience; which are skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Donate to to help us heal lives today.

Therapeutic Sailing for Everyone

You Have The Power to Change a Life