Dave Kilmer

Director, Instructor

David Kilmer, aka Capt K, craved adventure at sea since he was a wee lad and his father built him a little wood craft named Skipper-N-Dad. When he first sailed, an old salt advised him: “keep your seabag packed and never turn down a boat ride.” That was good advice. He worked five seasons in the Caribbean as a charter captain and sailing instructor and wrote a book, A Peril to Myself and Others, about the experience. He and his sweetheart, Rebecca, cruised their 36-foot sailboat from Bellingham to the Bahamas via the Panama Canal over 10 seasons, 15,000 miles and 12 countries. He is the private captain of the 60-foot sailing yacht Sizzler on Lake Coeur d’Alene. David understands the life-changing power of boats, water and kindness.

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